Ruled by Equality

It is a lot to think.

It is puzzling.

It is more than the greatest riddle.

It is a penetration in the mind that can never penetrate.

Ruling the world costs everything.

Trying to rule it destroys everything.

Having a power to rule the earth is too great for a man.

Ruling is for but a god. And there is only one God.

But for the sake of human life.

I would try answer.

But what should it be?

The law of nature that needs change?

Is it death?

But without death, there will be no urgency of change.

What about religion?

If we seize religion, peace would be impossible.

So, what is it?

Try equality.

No racism.

No one is poor.

No one is rich.

All will be the same.

All changes are in one line.

Only progress.




We’ll Beat the Odds!

Every day I wonder,

What did they do to survive.

Being us miles away sickens me.

It is hard but one that we shall accept.

We can’t deny doubts at times,

A thing that we shall overcome and dismiss

and during this course

having high hopes is best

and believe this – we’ll beat the odds,

and one period in time,

You’ll be in my arms again.

I Lived In The Light In The Dark

In my line of work – online freelancing – graveyard shifts are common, especially if you also have a traditional job during the day.

As for mine, regardless if I am working on a night shift or not, I’ve been like this even before I am acquired to this kind of work.

During my college days, in which I really need to admit that it is one of the very reason of my dropout, I was hooked into playing DotA (Defense of the Ancients) and me and my peers like to play overnight wherein at some point, it became a hobby for us to play during dark hours and sleep at day – that makes us not attending classes except if there are exams.

Seeing ourselves having in these routines by some of those who know the game but are not like us often call us the “Balanars”. This came after from the name of a Dota hero, The Night Stalker, Balanar. He was a vampire and obviously, become very fast and more powerful at night, and I am more like him than a night owl – which is the one should I choose in this  prompt.

Of course, not a literal vampire but what I am saying is during these “dark hours”, I am more fast and efficient in finishing what is need to be done. In fact, most of my blog posts here was done during these said “dark hours”.

I really prefer to work in a silent time. The only thing I can hear is the sound of my clicking mouse and keyboards. It help me much more to get my mood to work.

It helps my ideas to flow infinitely.

It gives me rhythm.

It gives me more life.



Worth A Life

Daily Prompt: Take A Chance On Me

What’s the biggest chance you ever took? Did it work out well? Do tell!

Right after I read this prompt, a lot of things came into my mind. It’s on a free flow!

… but I am only going to tell you this one big thing that change the course of my life. It is a very big gamble in my part. But I did took it without hesitation even I am not sure what I am taking during those moments. But, now I can actually tell, it worked out well.

Like most people said sometimes, this is a matter of life and death. Like a sharp blade or wedge waiting to be drop and cut the rope that ties myself and my future.

I am currently in 4th year (but irregular) taking Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering that time and the semester is about to end and unlike other students I know, I am in a real deep shit hole and I am just there staring up to everyone while thinking if I can find a way to climb and catch up with them. Pity me!

I just received my class card in my ECE 101 and it is apparent that I need to re-retake it again – Yeah, I failed it for the second time because I am a very irresponsible student, I really admit it. Fucking Dota fuck me good!

In that very moment, what I realized is that I can’t continue anymore or else…I don’t know what is going to happen with my life..probably worst than killing myself. Never tried to kill myself though, that’s just insane.

But in  a sudden turn of events, opportunity did knock big into me  – although that wasn’t what I am thinking by then.

I accidentally stumble into an outsourcing site called the and it gave me a good pitch to try it out.

I am not really serious on what to do next after signing up on the site, but I don’t have anymore choice but to try all the possible options I can find. If it wouldn’t work out then I guess I won’t lose anything since I already lose everything. So, I just tried the things it says I need to.

After few days, a Filipina client sent me an offer to write for articles that will be submitted into a certain BMR (BuildMyRank) site.

Even though I am not confident with my English writing skills, I took the chance. Gladly, I was able to finished it and got paid for $35. However, I did it for almost 2 weeks so, if you come to think of it, its like I did it for nothing. But I moved on and took more projects from her.

After, I tried to find more freelancing sites that is more generous in giving me opportunities to make money online.Gladly, I found (formerly This site gave me a handful of opportunities until such time that already learning how to compete with other freelancers. So, when the next semester came I decided to tell my parents that I am not going to continue anymore.

Probably, to most people they would still prefer to continue, like the ‘try and try until you succeed’ mindset. But for me, I already have enough reasons not to follow that path and stop wasting time.

And so, even my parents didn’t gave me the support I want. I continue on establishing my freelancing career. Even the income was not that great and stable. I was still able to motivate myself and believed that I can thrive in this business and I promised to myself that I will do what it takes to survive and succeed.

..and I did survive. Succeed? Maybe I am halfway there. 😛

Starting as an online freelancer can bring you the worst and the best feelings in your life. If luck isn’t in your part, you’ll find clients who will give you projects and run away when the project’s done. In short, you’ll get scammed. That’s a guarantee for newbies. But of course, there are good times when you find very generous clients. It means, very easy projects with big pays (excluding the bonus if you impressed them). And this is also a guarantee for all freelancers.

In my 3 years and 11 months as an online freelancer. I was tried as an article/blog writer, web researcher, virtual assistant and other administrative-related jobs. Also web designs – which I really love to do (high pay + more fun).

As for my income – Well, I could say, its been stable in the last 2 years and more than enough to provide me a comfortable kind of living – a life that I didn’t saw when I was on that situation four years ago. Regarding my family, I finally got their support. Best feeling in mah fucking world!

I can’t complain to any of what I have and I can’t have. I may not be like one of those dropouts turn internet greats but at least, I have the satisfaction and dont have regrets in choosing this path.

And living in the virtual world in last four years actually taught me a thing or two about life.

A life-changing opportunity do knock only once. If your instinct tells you to grab it, grab it! Never hesitate to do what you know is best for you and believe in yourself that you can do it!

..and I did it!

English It is!

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!


Biology, Chemistry, Physics – in short, science – gave me headaches many times. I even really failed one time in my Physics in college.


As for Math, its something I get fond sometimes but also hate at sometimes.


Regarding my English, well, I am also not that good. Being not a native English could be one reason. But being a country who has a reputation of being one of the most intelligent persons in speaking good English, its a shame to my part. In fact, I will admit that I don’t have superb grammar skills in my writings presently.

But English has the one moment it become a significant part of my career.

It was the one that got me going to make a living through the freelancing industry when I drop from college.

I started as  a blog writer and humiliated and criticized many times because of my lacking in writing good posts or articles.

One time, a fellow Filipino told me frankly that this is not my field and his reason is that, I don’t have the enough knowledge to express myself directly using this language. He advised me though, to just write every time when I was able and have ideas and also read modern books if I want to improve more.

So, since then, I quit article writing and follow his advise but probably a good thing though, since I had my income became more stable by looking at data entry assignments and researching jobs. My headaches are not that frequent anymore and I had more free time for myself and opportunities to develop my web programming skills such as HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and PHP.


Its not a good thing, but there is really one time I also hated English more than Science or even Mathematics, but now…


…this what makes this blog lives and can make me feel accomplished.