Ruled by Equality

It is a lot to think.

It is puzzling.

It is more than the greatest riddle.

It is a penetration in the mind that can never penetrate.

Ruling the world costs everything.

Trying to rule it destroys everything.

Having a power to rule the earth is too great for a man.

Ruling is for but a god. And there is only one God.

But for the sake of human life.

I would try answer.

But what should it be?

The law of nature that needs change?

Is it death?

But without death, there will be no urgency of change.

What about religion?

If we seize religion, peace would be impossible.

So, what is it?

Try equality.

No racism.

No one is poor.

No one is rich.

All will be the same.

All changes are in one line.

Only progress.




Memoirs of Grief



It is a story that secretly between me and her.

It is a heartache that leaved me a long itchy scar deep inside.

It is something that kept me on coming back even how much I want it to go away.

It was my first love.

It was a betrayal.

It was a strong, deep, wide-cut memoirs of grief.

…and is back again!




The temptation of her

won over to his fidelity

His heart is too soft and helpless to resist.

But maybe, first love really never dies.

They talk and reminisce everything

It gave him hope.

An unknown hope,

It can possibly destroy everything he currently possess.

But the idea of being with her again

ignored even the worst consequence.

Because he knew

that regardless of what the future may bring.

He did it for his heart’s content.

We’ll Beat the Odds!

Every day I wonder,

What did they do to survive.

Being us miles away sickens me.

It is hard but one that we shall accept.

We can’t deny doubts at times,

A thing that we shall overcome and dismiss

and during this course

having high hopes is best

and believe this – we’ll beat the odds,

and one period in time,

You’ll be in my arms again.

Friendship Beaten By Pride


Friends have unending respects

Closeness has no closure

Forgiveness is outright and inexhaustible

Personal worth should not come along.

A mere mistake should not be enough

It should always be capable to accept

that disputes should not take long

That is true friendship is.

Image: Flickr