Living in the Pacific “Ring of Fire”

When I saw pop-up on my desktop’s task bar, I immediately noticed the words, “Ring of Fire” and the first thing that came to my mind is the location of my country – Philippines, which belongs to the Pacific Ring of Fire – an area where most earthquakes and volcanic eruptions occur.

However, when I opened the daily prompt update in my Gmail, I was a bit frustrated since I already have an idea to write about it. Nonetheless, I am still good to go for this task (from zero to hero). Because, honestly, I love spicy foods. Although, I won’t ever eat a fresh red chili to prove that to anyone. That’s too hot to take in because it’ll really takes a while before it goes away.  Haha..

Anyway, like what I am saying, spicy foods is like the most delicious food ever to me. But, the real thing is most Filipinos actually love spicy foods especially those who live in the southern part of our country. Ask Manny Pacquiao.

Many famous Filipino dishes has always spicy flavors or even they are not originally made to be a hot food, many Pinoys (famous call for Filipinos) can always find their own way to make a certain Filipino dish to be a hot or spicy one. Regardless if that is an Adobo or any common family recipe that you won’t really expect it will be more delicious (as for me) if you add even just a little bit of spicy ingredient.

Bicol Express


So, for someone who is foreign and have plans to have some taste of our special spicy foods, I recommend Bicol Express – it is a special Filipino spicy cuisine mostly of pork that is mixed into coconut milk (or for me, I prefer Bagoong Alamang(shrimp paste)), long green chillies and has garlic, onions and ginger as its common ingredients. It was the best Filipino spicy food out there as per my personal preference. But, this food name is really odd though. I thought, when I first heard it, it was a Bus company, although it was actually named from a famous passenger train service that runs from Bicol to Manila and Bicol was the place where anyone can really find the finest spicy cuisine in the country.


12 thoughts on “Living in the Pacific “Ring of Fire”

  1. So, what is bicol express? Looks like an interesting dish. I don’t know that I have ever had Filipino food. I will have to try. Love, love spicy.

    • Oh sorry, I forgot to include what is it in the article. I’ll update it. But anyway, Bicol express is a dish mostly made of pork with coconut milk (or shrimp paste) with long green chilies and some garlic, onions and ginger. It was the best spicy food out there for me.

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  4. My grandmother is from the Bicol region so every week we have something spicy served on the table. But we mostly have laing than bicol express. Very informative post! 🙂

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