We’ll Beat the Odds!

Every day I wonder,

What did they do to survive.

Being us miles away sickens me.

It is hard but one that we shall accept.

We can’t deny doubts at times,

A thing that we shall overcome and dismiss

and during this course

having high hopes is best

and believe this – we’ll beat the odds,

and one period in time,

You’ll be in my arms again.

2 thoughts on “We’ll Beat the Odds!

  1. This is beautiful. Long distance relationships are tough, not everyone can do that. I don’t know if this was a personal post, but if it is you can do it. Just keep your chin up and never lose hope.

    • Thanks for the reading. This is all about me and my girl, of course. Since we met and until she became mine, our relationship has been always in a long distance status. But that is because of work. She work away from here and since she just graduated and starting her career. I understand that.

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