If reincarnation is true?


I intentionally didn’t able to fulfill the task yesterday because these past few days, I’ve mostly post comments to blogs that I visit and another thing, my slow internet connection forbids me to make any post last night. It may not be actually a valid reason but this is one of the problems you may encounter living or staying in country like the Philippines. In fact its the slowest in our region -South East Asia.

Now, going on this “continuation”, it was actually started on my way to finding my nominees for the Liebster Award, since it was one of the tasks needed as a nominee as I got also a nomination of myself.

One of these nominees I choose is Jemma Jones and her My TEFL Adventure’s blog. As we, nominees, are required to pass 11 questions to our own nominees, I created this question, “Do you believe in reincarnation” and her answer is “Yes definitely! I have been told that I have had at least three past lives – I loved Jenny Cockell‘s books about her past lives! (I actually know her).

Her response to that question made me excited and at the same time, intrigued!For me, it was one of the most fascinating topic I want to talk about. Other than that? Aliens!

Now, in my comments to him, this is what I said – I was intrigue on your answer to my question number 6! I do believe in reincarnation but I am wondering what did you mean in there, if you specifically said that you had three past lives already or all of us had at least three past lives already? Her answer on that then is this – I have had a Past Life Regression session; where I was hypnotised and asked questions!

When I read her last reply, the curiosity I have from her answer(to my question) jumps up a mile high. Although, I am not sure if what she said about the questions when she was hypnotised is about her past life, I still assumed that it is.

I researched about the author she mentioned – Jenny Cockell – and found out that that author’s books is all about her past life memories in the 1900’s as Mary Sutton of Ireland and even her future life, in which she assumes, she will be a girl named Nadja and will be born in Nepal in the year 2050. Amazing huh?! I wished I could also see where I could be in my next life.

CBS has even made a TV adaptation on Cockell’s books last 2000.

After reading these, my curiosity led me to continue my search and finally found her story in hubpages.

It was the whole story of Jenny Cockell’s life on how she acquired all the memories, how did they begun and how she proved to the world that all her story is true.

I would say, her story is incredible. It was one of the most unbelievable stories that happened.

But after reading and going through some deep thinking. While my belief to her story and on reincarnation is not  to be doubted.

There is still one big question that confuse my mind.

If reincarnation is really true? Why is it that there are only few people who can remember their past lives? Why not all of us should remember our own?

Is this like, you forgot to format your computer’s hard drive before pressing the “Select” button when you decided to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 8.1?

What do you think?




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