On The Other Side(Bar) Of Things

Ignore the title of this post. Its just to be able to catch attentions, you know.

What I want to talk now is only those what you can see in my blog’s sidebar and of course, on this whole blog. Its nothing significant really. But, gladly, in the last few days, I’ve been constantly making changes not just to the sidebar but to my whole blog.

Before, I kept talking that I only consider this blog as a personal journal or the like. But as I keep on doing the tasks I read from the Blog University. I realized somethings and made me to change things.

On one of the previous tasks, I was instantly urged to admit that there are people whom I actually want to read all the things I post in here.

It was actually like one of the most awkward moments to me. I was really ashamed like…aahhhhh…shhiiiiiiitttt! This is embarrassing!

I really felt bad about it because I kept on denying and insisting to myself on my previous blog posts that I just consider this as a personal blog although I still kept on sharing and tagging #zerotohero and #postaweek each time.

Fortunately, after I said what I should have said in my very first post in this blog and see how my viewers (although not a lot) respond. I felt relieved. So I decided, maybe, I would just continue this thing and do what I should as a “student” of the BlogU.

Therefore, I began the renovation starting in Day Five. I choose this current theme named Zoren then  in Day Seven, I made my header which I really appreciate that I made it.

Along with the new header, the sidebar went into some renovations too.

I removed my gravatar and added a twitter feed, top post & pages (renamed to “Most Liked Posts”) widget and the day after that I added calendar and search bar.

I guess I am a bit too advanced with Blogging University since those tasks was just given today. But at least I already did and I am proud I have this blog.

Its something that motivates me everyday and relieve my stress by checking it after work 😉


After finishing this post, I got to think that my title is related to all of what I said, after all. Ciao!

8 thoughts on “On The Other Side(Bar) Of Things

  1. Don’t worry about getting ahead in your Zero to Hero journey – it’s just the excitement that drives you forward and you shouldn’t stifle it. While I’ve been blogging for nearly a decade now (could be longer too), I’m constantly learning things about myself and my blog – I keep pushing things forward and “renovating” as you would say.

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