A Brainchild

Way back before I started this blog, when there are things I couldn’t handle into my mind, I just put it into writing but later on, that piece of paper is thrown in the thrash can.

That’s how things happen to me before until this blog came up into the blogosphere.

I am nobody.

It was like no one really appreciates everything good about me. But if I had these bad things happened, you don’t want me to tell that to you. I’d be very harsh, if you know what I mean.

Now, regarding on the inspiration of this blog especially on what I had in my About page. It was formed by many factors or things as I have many different aspirations in life.

I grew up reading a magazine of our native language – Iloko. I always love to read non-fiction stories and poems and I have dreams to write one like those and as I become more mature, the warmth I have with poems I read grew up with me. When I was in high school, I had this notebook I kept every time with me that when if I feel depressed or downed, I wrote it all in my poems.  Regrettably, this habit stopped when I began to learn about computers. The first I laid my hands into a computer was when I was in third year high school. Playing Counter-Strike.

But in that third year, I transferred to another school because of some personal reasons, and as I was exposed to computer and at the same time, the internet, basketball was also introduced to me. It was the very first times I really played ball in my life and I loved it. It even made me pursue in dreaming to become a professional basketball player someday. Unfortunately, I never had the built or skills that can possibly help me to fulfill it.

So, when I got to college, I decided to focus in becoming a game developer someday and I started that by getting Computer Engineering as my course. But, again, it didn’t materialize as my dependency with computer games made me a worse person which eventually made me to dropout after four years and half.

These parts of my life are the toughest, especially when I decided to leave college.

It was a big letdown and I was ruined!

Then, when I was given to start a life again. I sweat myself into it.

I dedicated myself into working hard in providing efficient results to my clients as an online freelancer and fortunately, I can now stand in both feet after almost three years of working as a freelancer. I already cut that computer game dependency I had although I still played seldom.

This chance also got me to start over again with my dreams before. Basketball is still a game I love and as for now, I dream to be at least a General Manager or Coach someday.

For those long forgotten poems I have already a  few of them and expect more in coming days, and the one I have in my About page is the first poem I made in years.

As for the game developer dream, I am going to try it again. But not by continuing to college again. I read and heard a lot of great stories who succeed just by teaching themselves alone and I think of it, weigh it against the other option and I decided I want to go that way.

I just hope the odds are on me now.




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