I Lived In The Light In The Dark

In my line of work – online freelancing – graveyard shifts are common, especially if you also have a traditional job during the day.

As for mine, regardless if I am working on a night shift or not, I’ve been like this even before I am acquired to this kind of work.

During my college days, in which I really need to admit that it is one of the very reason of my dropout, I was hooked into playing DotA (Defense of the Ancients) and me and my peers like to play overnight wherein at some point, it became a hobby for us to play during dark hours and sleep at day – that makes us not attending classes except if there are exams.

Seeing ourselves having in these routines by some of those who know the game but are not like us often call us the “Balanars”. This came after from the name of a Dota hero, The Night Stalker, Balanar. He was a vampire and obviously, become very fast and more powerful at night, and I am more like him than a night owl – which is the one should I choose in this  prompt.

Of course, not a literal vampire but what I am saying is during these “dark hours”, I am more fast and efficient in finishing what is need to be done. In fact, most of my blog posts here was done during these said “dark hours”.

I really prefer to work in a silent time. The only thing I can hear is the sound of my clicking mouse and keyboards. It help me much more to get my mood to work.

It helps my ideas to flow infinitely.

It gives me rhythm.

It gives me more life.




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