The False Believers!

I might already mentioned a couple of times in some of my posts in this blog that it is not my goal to share every word I say in each post publicly, especially to those who know me in the outside world. However, after giving some thought about this blogging 101’s day six assignment, it made me realize whom I want to share my everything here.

All this time, I am pretending that this blog is a private thing to me. But the real thing is, it is truly and clearly not, because why did I joined a public blog challenge from daily post if I do not want other people to see and read what I am posting here?

So, upon giving some time to myself in thinking who might be that person that I really want to read all my post, I was shocked that it was not a person but…people!

It is those people who underestimated me. Who bullied me, physically or mentally! To those people who didn’t believe in me on what I can really do.

It was them who made me the person I am right now. They made me this – strong, wise and optimist.

I might failed and lose to them back then, but I am not that person anymore.

Gladly, I do not hate them, I thank them.

Thank You To All My False Believers!

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