The “Getting To Know Me” Thing

Who am I?

As of this moment you’re reading this blog. I am nobody to you. I am a guy who is just assuming that some people will try to click the link redirecting to this post and at least spend some minutes to fully read these thoughts I am going to impart in this blog.

Why am I here?

I am not here to make an impression that I was born to become a blogger or a writer or something like that. I am just here to express things I really can’t able to show or spoke to anyone. I am here with an empty coffee mug in my left along with a newly opened isopropyl alcohol in front of it, in which beside it is a 10-buck worth of earphone that I use when watching web development tutorials between 12am-5am as I don’t want my two girl housemates to be disturb with something that they won’t fully understand and while they are sleeping.

I am here to seek for an inner peace. Sharing these thoughts in my head and able to see that someone is actually visits and read my blog posts gave some sort of contentment. Happiness and a feeling of being appreciated which is something that I don’t usually receive from people around me.

At least, having virtual friends that can appreciate me can somehow provide me additional boost or motivation to strive and be more active in achieving the things I want in real life.

I spend most of the day in front of my computer inside my apartment. I work online as my way of surviving this life every day.

I am a person who actually doesn’t talk much. All the things I see or observe in a person, regardless if I knew that person or not, I mostly keep it and talk it with myself.

Asking questions to myself and finding the answers with my own. Although, not that I would not want to interact with people but I am not just born to be that confident and cool.

In some instances, when I intend to share what I am thinking, most of the time, I land it with the wrong foot. But it takes some time  for me to realize that I am the one who actually lacks something and I’d hate myself because of it.

In other words, it is shameful than promising, in most cases. Enough, to get mocked hilariously.

This effect might be because I seldom interact with people. It was like it is intended to inform me that I actually know nothing about them. However, when I kept my thoughts within myself, these thoughts are largely exact and precise.

It was some sort of disorientation.

Hence, I decided and hoping that I can always prompt myself every time before coming into something that I should just hold it just for me for not to get into any shameful act again.



8 thoughts on “The “Getting To Know Me” Thing

  1. I know exactly what you mean 🙂

    Writing is so much easier than talking. Even more so knowing that the audience is nothing but strangers. People who only know me as Lyrallya and from what I’m writing. Not from real life and not from the mistakes I’ve made in the past.

    Good luck with the challenge! I’ll be reading 😉

    • A few of my friends know that I blog but since they didn’t ask of it, I don’t want to insist that they should take some time to read it. But I think, it is actually better that way. They won’t know my other secrets. LOL

      Though, seriously, I am just a loner and I honestly, I don’t mind them. It is hard to explain to them, so I just really keep all things about me to myself.

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