English It is!

Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!


Biology, Chemistry, Physics – in short, science – gave me headaches many times. I even really failed one time in my Physics in college.


As for Math, its something I get fond sometimes but also hate at sometimes.


Regarding my English, well, I am also not that good. Being not a native English could be one reason. But being a country who has a reputation of being one of the most intelligent persons in speaking good English, its a shame to my part. In fact, I will admit that I don’t have superb grammar skills in my writings presently.

But English has the one moment it become a significant part of my career.

It was the one that got me going to make a living through the freelancing industry when I drop from college.

I started as  a blog writer and humiliated and criticized many times because of my lacking in writing good posts or articles.

One time, a fellow Filipino told me frankly that this is not my field and his reason is that, I don’t have the enough knowledge to express myself directly using this language. He advised me though, to just write every time when I was able and have ideas and also read modern books if I want to improve more.

So, since then, I quit article writing and follow his advise but probably a good thing though, since I had my income became more stable by looking at data entry assignments and researching jobs. My headaches are not that frequent anymore and I had more free time for myself and opportunities to develop my web programming skills such as HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and PHP.


Its not a good thing, but there is really one time I also hated English more than Science or even Mathematics, but now…


…this what makes this blog lives and can make me feel accomplished.




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