Going Back at Birth

Weekly Writing Challenge: Time Machine

When I was a child, there is this gossip in my entire family that when I was born, an old woman approached my mother and told her that they must take care of me. Although, on normal approach, it might not have a deeper meaning as it may just be an old doctor or a nurse reminding to my mother especially due to the fact that I barely survive because I was a 7 months old fetus and have a size of an 8oz bottle of Coca-Cola. However, I’d rather take this as a mystery to me.

Maybe I was just exposed too much on fantasy stories – which I can tell that I really am – that I gave this something that baffles understanding but I really want to discover this on myself if it’s really true and also to know if that was just a normal reminder or like I want to believe, has a mysterious meaning fold on it.

So, if I had a time machine, I would love to go back on June 20, 1990, Tuesday in a hospital somewhere in Alcala, Cagayan, Philippines.

Moreover, other than the desire to seek this self-claimed mystery of my birthday, I want to see how I survive in an incubator and I really want to see why one of my uncle byname me “kuting” – kitten in English.


6 thoughts on “Going Back at Birth

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