Failures lifted me!

Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

We all feel down from time to time. How do you combat the blues? What’s one tip you can share with others that always helps to lift your spirits?

I am a college dropout and being like that, I can’t always ignore myself to envy others – like now that pre and some post-graduation pictures are already flooding my Facebook news feed.

I had my regrets, and it’s already 3 years ago since I had my last step in school ground and thinking about these at times really demoralizes me.

I always want to go back but I know that I still can’t.

I am working as an online freelancer now and having this kind of job is a blessing to me. I never envisioned myself being in this position 8 years ago. I have always thought that I could be a famous game-developer. But I failed, obviously.

So, having myself in lowly-situations like this, I lift myself by just reading some detective story and inspirational books or some good articles in the internet like this or just watch something comedy or action – no drama or else I would just cry, seriously.

Other than these, I also think of a line that says, “Everything happens for a reason”.

I firmly believe on this quote because if ever I graduated, given that I have not so great marks in my subjects. I might be one of those unemployed by now or probably working but not really closely related to my course (Computer Engineering) and I might not love it.

At least now, I am an online freelancer (aspiring web developer) and everything is related to what I want and financially doing well. I can’t ask for more, really.

And lastly, if I didn’t drop out that time, this blog might not exist, more the reason that this blog post will never exist.



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