An Online Freelancer Story: A Tale of Guts and Desperation



Went from an A class student in elementary and high school to a disappointment in college – mainly ‘coz of (now an official int’l e-sport Dota 2) online game – and eventually a dropout after 3 and half irregular years.

Signed up at and a month after quitting school.

First job is writing 150-words blog posts for barely $100 a month.
Got scammed at least 5 times (mostly by Indian and Bangladesh clients) but never gave up.
Disastrously humiliated by an Indian client because of writing errors but still didn’t give up.
Got rejected by at least 100 employers yet remain hopeful.

Strive in improving present skills and learning new skills such as SEO and Web Designing.

After 2 years and 3 months since entering the outsourcing industry as an independent contractor. Still firmly standing and now having at least $100 a week.

From a trying-hard blog writer to a data entry person then a researcher and now a wannabe (self-taught) web developer.

Quite a story tell huh?:)


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