A Small and Normal Tradition That Kept Us Still Standing

Daily Prompt: Time after Time

Traditions: we’ve all got ‘em. They might be family dinners on special occasions, or having a particular kind of cake on your birthday (Jeanne Cake, natch), or popcorn at the movies, or meeting your friend for a 5k run in the park, rain or shine, every Sunday morning. What are your favorite traditions, large and small? What is it about your traditions that keep them going strong for you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us RITUAL.

In our family, – my mother have a chinese blood and my father is a pure Filipino – we had so many traditions as long as I remember. When I was still a kid, my mother’s family had always this sort of like a clan reunion every new year. But when one of my uncles – their eldest brother – gone to USA and stayed there for good, that tradition was sadly discontinued. Another tradition I remember is when one in our family has their birthday or graduation, we had always throwing a big party in which, about the half of the population in our small village attends. Unfortunately, when an incident during my elementary graduation wherein I was the valedictorian in our class, my mother promised not to organize an event like that kind anymore and so she did. What actually happened was, many of the cooking wares mysteriously gone after the party and we never recovered them.

As for the retained tradition, its just our family gathering every Christmas and New Year. I know this might be nothing to anyone as most families also doing this. But this time of the year is somehow a very important moment in our family.  Because for the most part of the year, I was very far from them. Not to mention that I really don’t get along with them, especially with my father. In fact, I actually had these hidden ill feelings to him. I want to mention it here about those but I am afraid, this article will become irrelevant to the main thought based on the daily prompt.

The Christmas and New Year get together with my family is the only one tradition left that is keeping us close and tied with each other. It is the only thing that keep our family’s foundation strong despite of all the hidden grudges I had to my parents. I would say, seeing them in this very special part of the year can help to remind me that I need to come off with any bad feelings I had for them and take advantage with the moments left they still have with us.

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