The Three Wishes

Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

Into us humans, wishing for a dream to fulfilled is normal. It is commonly done by almost every living person in this world. Regardless if that is impossible to reach or not. After all, we have these many inspirational quotes from great people in the past that can motivate us to pursue those wishful and out-of-reach kind of dreams.

On the other hand, not all wish is all about having a good future but also, we also want to fix our misfortunes in the past.

We are all familiar with the “time machine” – in which, even with no substantial proof, from my own opinion,  I believe it does really exist.  And so, if I were to be given with three wishes, having a time machine that can surely help me to re-write my past is the very first thing I want to be granted. This is not just for my personal interest but it is for my family.

I had done nothing in my twenty-plus years but to fail them. In a sense that I haven’t brought back any of their expectations. Well, I had my moments to complain with my parents sometimes but for some reasons, I saw myself as the one whose really at fault on those unfortunate situations, and if I am to be able to go back, I want to start on the day prior to my very first day in my college life. Although there are still some scenarios I want to be fix before that day, that very first day in college is really one of the most important part of my life. In fact, it defines my future.

I do not regret for my situation now because I am actually having a good and contented life. But maybe, it could have been better if I did my responsibilities back then. On the other hand, I will not be writing and  sharing my life with this blog if that happened. So I am just going to see it as the bright side of my story and lean on this one – “Everything happens for a reason”.

Now for my second wish, this could be for the person that I want to be with for the rest of my life. She has this heart condition that might put her into a peril situation if she will ever get over-exerted, and that is one thing that is unavoidable at times. So, I want that for her to be healed. For now, I am doing what I can to remind her those things she need to avoid getting herself into that situation where I could lose her.

Finally, my third and last wish, it would be having a prosperous and happy life for the rest of my days. I am not looking for a perfect one though, as that is nothing but out of reach for anyone. I just  want that I will have a good, simple and stable life where I will be having a happy family of my own – when I get settled, probably after five to eight years from now.

8 thoughts on “The Three Wishes

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