Flappy Birds made me…Red!

Daily Prompt

When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment? 

In WordPress, this challenge from Daily post could be on of the trending topics or should I just say, resource of daily prompts. While, outside of wordpress, in the world of the ordinary, all of us might already know what is the number 1 tablet/mobile game in the world….and that is the Flappy Birds.

Well, whatever…

…but I just can’t get over with my embarrassment playing with this game.

Last night, this trending posts from my Facebook’s news feed was all about their experience playing with Flappy Bird. So, I got intrigued and decided to search it on Google, download and installed it on my tablet.

At first, I thought, because of its tiny number of bits of graphics, a retro-style gaming and if you played super mario back in the 80’s and 90’s, you would really relate with its graphics,  I wasn’t really enticed to play it. But when I let myself to play. OMG! This game is punishing! It was really a simple-built game but for me, this was the most difficult mobile game I had. It made me spent with it for almost an hour before I gave up.

I gave up due to fact that I can’t score at least 5!!!

Then my cousins borrowed my tablet and played with it for hours and when they gave it back. The high score is now at 52. I felt like I was insulted. These kids beat me with this game? So, I tried it again. But still, at present, my best is still at 15 and I really don’t know if I can able to beat that 52 ever.

Probably, this Flappy Bird game is not really something that I must take it seriously but heck, even while I am writing this. I still felt bad that I can’t score that much like the others – who can score at least 50 or 100 or a thousand (if ever there is really one who can score like that). 

..and if I am embarrassed like this – regardless if it is a serious one or not – I just keep it in myself and just let it out when I had my own moment with no one around or like this, writing…and letting out to the whole world.


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