My friend is back

A day back, I went to watch a new “Filipino” movie, entitled “Bride for Rent” and one lesson I learned from that is, if you know how to accept your mistakes and apologize, you are close to become a better person.

Well, that message made me realized that whatever happen in our life, regardless of who is at fault in a any kind of disagreement to anyone, we should know how to fixed that relationship that got broken.

In my case, I have this very close girl friend I had a deep argument before Christmas. We planned a Christmas group getaway together with our housemates just before the holidays, in which she promised a thing to do but failed to deliver.

I got angry and said some things that went against her.

Although I apologize to her soon after, I know there is still a grudge inside me – that I kept until before last night.

To tell you a bit about this girl. I can tell, she’s a kind of girl who doesn’t back down easily in facing her problems. She’s a fighter. A bit childish sometimes but mature enough to interact with serious people, especially when it involves her studies. She is also a socialite but still had those notable old Filipina traits that made me admire her. But of course, there are negatives I don’t like on her, wherein, one of the reason why we are in this situation before last night.

While watching the movie I mentioned, I decided to make the move, even I still couldn’t convince myself that time who is really at fault between us and who should make the first move for our reconciliation.

But, regardless of what I have decided…something happened.

…a few hours later after watching the movie – at our boarding house. I saw her having dinner with her cousin, but I just passed by them like we don’t know each other anymore. It was difficult for me, really. I want to talk to her by that moment, because I already missed her, but I just don’t know anymore how to approach her, the way that was like before.

As I went back to my room, her cousin had a conversation with me, while having a sip in my coffee. They are inviting me for a Friday trip in Vigan next week – in which, I instantly refused since I can’t get an off day on my job for that specific week for some reason.

After that quick conversation, I tried to give myself a chance to get a quick word with her. Unfortunately, I didn’t able to throw any word at her.

After about a minute or two, I decided to continue my coffee break in my room.

Another wasted opportunity…

When I am already in my room. I just decided to talk to her via text.

I made a quick apology and requested if we can talk alone. But she said, she don’t know if she can because she’s not comfortable with me talking personally. Well, I don’t know what to say about that so I didn’t send any reply and continue what I am doing in my computer.

Another few minutes passed, I finished my coffee and went out again to the kitchen.

They are still there, eating dinner. But like the first time, I just passed them by saying nothing.

However, on my way back to my room, just after I passed her, he suddenly talked and said “Hi” to me with a glimpse of surprise in her eyes.

Well, of course, I was a bit shocked. I didn’t expect it to be honest. But, good gracious god. It was an inexpressible feeling.

I went blank for a few seconds. I didn’t say anything… I just smile freely and said it on myself

…my friend is back!




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