NaBloPoMo Day 1: Not a full-pledge yet.


It was less than 24 hours ago when I obligated myself and register for the January 2014 NaBloPoMo challenge, a courtesy of

I couldn’t able to make first post last night due to the fact that I still need my blog to be confirmed since I am not sure if WordPress blogs are fine to join in that challenge.

Fortunately, when I check their list of participants a few moments ago. I was merely surprised that my very own Navigate blog is listed. And so for, January 2, I followed the listed prompt as my title for my first NaBloPoMo post.

What are you currently feeling pressure to do that you don’t particularly enjoy?

I am not really sure if I did get the exact meaning of this question (or prompt) since it really confuse me. But I will do my best to answer based on how I understand it.

I have just past another 10 hours today. I am an online freelancer and I work as a web designer and data entry worker with a Boise, Idaho based-client. I’ve been working for him in since the last week of October, last year.

I started as a data entry specialist on one of his real estate website. But when he learned that I am planning to apply for web designing last December, he decided to hire me with that job also, and now I am working with two fields for him.

Since I had this web designing job, which clearly, now my new passion. I’ve been easily get bored working with the data entry job. Its not that I am not taking seriously on that one but every time I work on it, all things in my head is about the design project. Due to that, I mostly don’t fill the average data I need to put up each day, and that really pressures me, because this job still stands as my original job and I have the assumption, that if I will get fired, it will be the main reason.

If I could just tell that I want to be his full-time web designer. But I can’t,  since other than the fact, that I am not really a full-pledge designer yet. I also feel like I owe him something, since he is my first client in web design. I don’t want to cause any possible embarrassment to him.

And if all things will turn out good with this web design career I am starting, I need to thank him for giving me the chance to showcase my designing skills even he knows, I am not really a full-pledge yet.


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